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Wet food tips?

Hi guys!
My kitties are cute as a button, but one of them has become really sick, bloody poop, vomit, etc. We are currently seeing the vet in regards to this and have been switched to prescription Fibre Food. And they think he has IBD.

Since we have 2 kitties, my boyfriend is a student, and I am the one keeping us afloat, can anyone reccomend any affordable foods to give my cats? Or any tips on how to settle his stomach?

They have been on lots of different foods in their life. Mostly dry kibbles.

1 -2 Months : When we got the cats they were being fed walmart own brand wet food, and dollarama dry food. We threw this out, and put them onto IAMS Kitten kibble.
2 -6 Months: IAMS kitten kibble.
6 - 8 Months: After reading about the badness of kibble, I switched to a home made food, that included chicken hearts, chicken breast, eggs, peas and rice. I made a batch and froze it. Given I was working full time, I ended up stopping this fairly soon as I kept forgetting to defrost the food the night before.
8 -12 months: A bix box with a mix of Whiskas tasty morsels, Whatever the blue label cat food brand is in Metro, and Compliments cat food. I mixed them all together, as they seems to get frequently bored of the same food.
12 - 16 months: Costo dry kibble - they didnt seem to like this as much as their mix up, but they started to enjoy it after a few months.

at about 16 months, Bandit started to throw up when he was alone, or getting really excited. One day both of them threw up, and I just threw out all the food we had in the house.

I bought IAM Anti-Hairball and they have had it for roughly 1 month.

Since my male cat, Bandit, is being sick, pooping blood. I have decided its time to get of the grainy crap they pass off as cat food and buy something better for him.

I went to the pet store and bought 4 different kinds of wet food:
Royal Canin Digest Sensitive - He LOVED this food.
Science Diet Limited Ingredients - Both flavors - He was not keen on this one --ops i mean natures balance!
Nutrience - Duck & Rabbit - turned his nose up wouldnt eat.
Nutrience - Local Ingredients Duck and Sweet potato - not tried.

I realise giving him lots of different foods in such a short time spam, especially over the last week with all the different canned foods is not good for him, but I am at my wits end trying to get him to eat.

The 2 days after he ate the Royal Canin he was not sick, or pooping blood. I wonder if this is co-incidence or an improvement?

I know nothing about wet food and what is good for a cat, so does anyone know any affordable cat foods that might work for him?

P.S This is my sick cat...what a cutie!

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