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Sales Tax and Small Businesses in Alberta?!

Thought I'd put this out here cause there are lots of knowledgable people here from all over!!

So in Ontario, basically, if you want to buy wholesale, you need a PST number and then lets you shop at wholesalers. I had one when I had a flower shop. Of course then you have to charge sales tax!!

So Alberta has no sales it!! I love buying pet food w/o tax!! There's a grocery wholesaler right across the street from our house! It would be awesome to buy stuff from them!! Do you need something else, like a business licence here? I know I can google it but thought there might be someone on here with personal experience.

I would love to open a small craft shop business taxes!! That is just sooo cool. Or a cool pet shop. There's a small shop for rent just over on the main street from here. Ahh once I get some $$ saved up!
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