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Originally Posted by Inthedoghouse View Post
Oh gosh thanks for all the great information.
I did look at some web sites and if price is no problem, there seem to be some good ones - although one site did say there are a few cheaper ones that do the job. I saw one by Sharp but couldn't find it on line on
Yes, I think I might be the culprit by always having my arms around my dog and then transferring them to the counter (don't tell Lucy)!
I half-heartedly brush her every 2nd day and last night we gave her a bath and it seems worse, if that's possible. She does seem to have double fur over parts of her body.

What I would suggest is to give her a really, really thorough brushing ASAP.

From what you're saying, I'm almost sure Lucy is a double coated bred or cross and she's blowing coat right now. The bath was actually a good ideea - it helped losening the dead undercoat so that's why it seems worse now - it will get better soon but you need to help her "shed" the winter coat. Line combing/brushing her would really help.
Here are some links about line combing:

And a good vacuum, of course
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