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Oh boy, this sounds familiar--only our male cat, who was 3 and here first, tends to get a lot rougher with his new sister than it sounds like yours is doing. She showed up just a few month ago and we're still supervising them closely. When they first see each other, they touch noses and, after 2 months, she started to rub his face and along his side in that initial greeting. And then the chasing starts...

He is more interested in playing than she is, so he usually initiates interaction. When he plays, he often gets very rough and pins her by the back of the neck. She gets mad and caterwauls and just sounds ticked, at which point, I separate them for a few seconds. Frankly, after 3 months, I still can't tell if they really like each other.

So I talked to the vets at our clinic and they all said the best thing to do is supervise and watch for behavior that one or the other cat is getting stressed--inappropriate elimination outside of the litter box, excessive grooming, excessive hiding...things like that. Also, just making sure that neither cat is being hurt. So far, we've not seen anything like that.

Slowly but surely, they're establishing their relationship and coming up with their new 'normal'--and that will likely be the case with your two. It sounds like it's going pretty well so far
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