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I also agree with everyone else's advice......PLEASE do not declaw your cat.
When your cat gets loose, he needs to be able to defend himself. No matter how good a pet parent you are (I think I'm one) there are unforeseen events that sometimes lead to their escape.
My cat regularly "wrestles" with my dog and smacks him around as they play. When the dog gets to be too much which has only happened a couple of times over the years, the smacks include a nice claw to tell doggie enough is enough.
I successfully trained my cat from a kitten to not to scratch the furniture or carpet. Either a water spray bottle or just a loud noise can be used to startle inappropriate scratching. In addition I recommend you clip your cats claw tips every other week to Keep them short so that any scratching that happens is less damaging. Good on you for researching before doing.
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