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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Hee hee, we have "Poopy sac"s at the Bargain Shop

Something to keep in mind with the cheapy biodegradable ones is that they basically break down into itty bitty pieces of plastic bag or the chemicals they were originally made from (if you read up, these are really toxic ) so... if you can get the compostable bags, the ones made of cornstarch, they are way better in a "good for the earth" kinda way . OK, i'm the picky one now!
Will I be able to find compostable bags at my petsmart or local pet store? grocery store?

Has anyone actually tried doodeefull bags? It sure is tempting as the biodegradable ones I'm using right now (bags on board) don't have handles to tie and consequently smells escape. ick. cat poop garbage... do. not. like.
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