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Lightbulb Lost cat recovery info

I'm familiar with lost cat and pet recovery. There are many things you can do to help get your cat home ASAP.

Please upload your lost cat on, aka HeLP. Email alerts from there are automatically sent out to area subscribers. When your cat is back home and you change your ad status to show that, email updates are also sent out. Volunteers also usually share ads in local lost & found Facebook groups. Your ad will also be printable and saveable so be sure to include a phone number. Enter your postal code when you upload your ad so your cat will appear on the map in the right area.

Print your ad and share with neighbours.

Contact an area cat rescue and find out where else they recommend you advertise lost pets. Find area rescues by entering your postal code on or

Daily papers will often let you place a free ad.

They should tell you who provides animal services there so you can check and make a lost pet report. Ask rescue groups to share your lost cat online ad.

If you see your cat but can't catch them, the rescue group should be able to refer you to an area TNR group or volunteers to help you.

Don't give up! Most cats are found close to home, BUT...
Where you need to concentrate your search depends on YOUR cat's personality and circumstances. That's why it's SO important to see the awesome lost cat behaviour and recovery info on

House as Trap, aka House Trap, can be an effective recovery technique. I've used it several times. Also works with a garage or other building, link on homepage of

If your cat isn't back home after two weeks, keep looking and keep your ads online at least a year. Other volunteers and I have done that.

Please recognize there are many barriers that most communities need to overcome to help reunite more lost pets with their families. It's not given the focus pet owners and taxpayers deserve or expect.

Please help other lost pets and owners. Subscribe to area lost pet alerts on HeLP and share above links so you can share the ads and help other worried owners get pets back. It can help save the lives of pets, save everyone money as well as free up room in shelters and rescues for pets who are truly homeless.

We all want lost cats home ASAP. Food and water should be provided to found cats to help prevent fatty liver disease, see

Best wishes and hope your cat is home safe soon!

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