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Originally Posted by marko View Post
This is really personal stuff. Here's my take.

Lots of people are willing to undergo cosmetic surgery for themselves....and if there's a bit of pain it goes away fairly quickly - so it's a small price to pay in their minds. Makes their life better in some way.

Once you already have that mindset for yourself it's much easier to apply the same thinking to your pet's life, if it makes living with it 'easier' for you in some way. People adopt/feed/shelter/vet bill/ etc. pets and not the other way around. We adopt them for our needs (usually). And so we want to adapt them for our needs as well. Declawing cats has 'advantages' in peoples' minds or they wouldn't do it.

Personally I'd never do it. Most people on this site would never ever do it.

I'd never cause my cats pain and right now every surgery has pain, even laser surgery. But also their defences are crippled. That's the big one for me. Even though my cats would always be indoor cats...if they ever got out by accident...scary.

But I now have 2 bald cats that were adopted by coincidence only without claws.
It does have some advantages (no cutting nails, no scratches to people or objects) even though I'd never do it.
But that's why people do do it.... it comes down to personal ethics and time management on an individual level.

There's obviously plenty of logical/ethical reasons as other members have mentioned why many countries have simply flat out banned declawing.

All that said - No reason to be calling out names though - 'Honest information' is a street that flows in 2 directions.
Everyone shares their experiences - also known as honest information.
There is one huge difference here people can speak for their self and our pets can't . I find it very hard not to speak up for animals and if I can keep one cat from being declawed it's worth it to me to speak my mind.
We have to be the voices for animals this is the only way we can get declawing banned in every country .
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