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Originally Posted by dkny1121 View Post
Thought I would post to counter some of the fear mongering people post to try to scare people into not declawing there cats. I read lots on this forum and pretty much every "Animal Lover" thinks it is inhumane ect.

Problem is, people with Cats who scratch up all the walls, kids ect who have tried everything to get them to stop (5+ scratching posts, training them, using those softpaws ect) would have to give up the cats (we all know what happens then since Cats normally get put to sleep when given up)

I got my 8 Month old Tabby Declawed (just the front) and Neutered at the same time about three months ago. They kept him overnight and he was 100% fine when I got him back. Zero limping, in Zero pain just seemed like his normal self. Next day I gave him the Pain killers as requested (even though he seemed 100% fine) and everything since then has been 100% perfect.

I made the right decision and I am a much happier Pet owner and my Pet is a much happier pet (can play with kids, not yelled at for scratching stuff ect)

So please try to get a opinion on declawing from someone who has had it done and ignore these people who say it is inhumane who have no clue what the effects are and spread misinformation.
How can tell your cat is happier , have you thought what will happen if he was to escape from the house unnoticed ? You'll have one very dead unhappy cat ! This is banned in other countries. You're very misinformed about this !

I once saw a cat at a shelter and there was a sign posted saying " Beware cat bite, it been declawed and neutered" My b/f said no wonder the poor cat bites look what been done to it ! I couldn't adopt
the cat b/c it had no way to protect itself if he got outside by mistake.

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