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No. But, did the VEt happen to say the word Lymphangiectasia? My dog has this. His small intestine is inflammed and his lymph ducts in that area are blocked and plugged. It's a very long story for us so the short version that might help your daughter is that the intestinal scoping can be done by endoscopy, it does not have to be surgery. At least with my dog. Maybe cats are too small.

My dog did not get better on western meds the first time around either. We went to a Holistic Vet who put him on a home cooked diet of a novel protein and a novel filler, turkey and sweet potato for us, and TCM. He got better quickly but now he has had a relapse but is getting better again.

I'm trying to keep this short, feel free to ask back, I'll tell you whatever I know from my dog in case it helps.
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