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Originally Posted by KLCatLover View Post
he feels safe and well adjusted in his old territory, and is having to fight other cats in his new territory.
Of course he is, that's how it works in the cat world. They're all about territory, and whether your cat prefers you or your ex is practically irrelevant. My guess is that he would keep going back to the old place even if your ex wasn't there. You really need to find a way to help him feel safe and comfortable at his new home. A cat enclosure is a great idea (that's what I have for my 5 - 2 of which were previously feral), or leash training him so he can get his outside time under supervision.

Also, is your cat licensed with the city? If not, you face a hefty fine if he's ever picked up for roaming. I'm one of those people that will trap cats and turn them over to a rescue organization if I'm worried that they might be homeless. I get extremely frustrated by the number of people in my neighbourhood that think it's okay to let their cats wander willy-nilly, getting in fights and pooping in everyone's gardens. And I'm a cat lover! Imagine how the cat-haters out there feel. Then there are the cars, dogs, coyotes, and random other dangers. Cats need more than just "love, attention and kindness", they also need to be kept safe from harm.

A couple examples of enclosures:

Originally built this one using a portable greenhouse frame and some garden netting from Home Depot, all for less than $200.

Upgraded to a bigger model using recycled materials, this time for less than $100 (biggest cost was the truck rental to transport the metal fencing).

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