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Barkingdog, I still think it is the Chlorine, haven't found out from the vet yet if he agrees. They tested the cat again today, and although the blood levels came back good, the cat went into respiratory distress from the blood test. They took x-rays and found fluid around the heart, but I guess that's treatable. They want her to bring the cat home tomorrow because it is very stressed out from the dogs there, they feel it will be more comfortable home. So far, so good.

Love4himes I never would have thought of the licking of the paws. The vet said they probably will never find out what caused it, which makes it hard, right now they're putting the litter pans upstairs so at least the cat doesn't have access to the basement. They have 7 other cats, and are now worried they can get into the same thing, whatever it was.
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