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14+ Kitties: Tux actually never eats quickly. I can give him heaps of food and he just munches on it the entire day, he has never had large portions to eat at once. He's used to there always being food present for him since he was very little, so he doesn't gorge big portions down, ever. The notion that "he must be eating too much too fast" is not correct, that's just not the way he eats.

Love4himies: mixing wet food with better wet food does not help for Tux. Mushing it up or diluting it with water also results in wet food not getting eaten. Tux also will not eat any kind of paté wet food, regardless of the brand or flavor. I have also tried concealing his dry food in smell-proof containers and putting them in the cupboard so he wouldn't be able to smell it, but that doesn't help either.

rainbow: I am not adamant about giving Tux dry food, I don't even want him to eat dry food but apart from Science Diet chunks and Medleys he will not eat any other food. There is also no people food that Tux will eat. Not chicken, not beef, not fish, not shellfish, not boiled chicken, not boiled chicken with some butter on it (just to try all the extremes), nothing.

I've had 12 cats before I took Tux in. He is not like any other cat I've had, he's also unlike any cats my friends have had. He's far more stubborn and impossible and has a much more obvious personality than "normal" cats. I also know they spray fat directly onto kibble to make it more palpable for cats, and that it's not good for them. But it's all he'll eat. I'll buy dry food that is not grain based next time, maybe I can get him to eat that.

He had half a can of Medleys today with three drops of olive oil in it. He hasn't regurgitated yet today. Next time I'll mix it with a bit of butter instead of oil in case he breaths it in. We'll see if that helps.

Oh and I recently discovered that he WILL eat lettuce. Quite a bit too. I suppose it's an okay replacement for grass. People say cats eat grass to help them throw up, but I believe cats are going more for the nitrilocide in grass and leafy greens, as I'm sure modern cat food has none of it.

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