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As 14+ stated, please don't allow your cat to go 24 hours without food, it can be dangerous on their health, especially their liver.

For me to change Puddles to Wellness, I had to throw out her kibble (she could smell it in the cupboard) , but if your cat will eat Fancy Feast, then mix a tiny bit of Wellness to his Fancy Feast. I sprinkled pulverized freeze dried salmon on top of Puddles' Wellness to entice her to eat, then slowly decrease the amount I put on it.

I was under the impression that he did like wet food. If he is starving when he finally eats his wet food, then he is probably eating too much at a time for his tummy.

You know, kibble has a coating of oil that is sprayed on to entice cats to eat it. It is really, really not good for your cat. Changing a cat to a healthy food is like changing a child's diet from chocolate bars to fresh fruit and veggies. It can be done with patience.
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