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I have cats that do that too, usually because they are SO excited to be getting wet food. What I had to do was retrain them by giving them only a small amount of food at a time on their own plate and put in a different room so there was no competition. I also would smash the food down all over the plate so it would take longer to eat it. You might have to "retrain" your cat by only putting a TINY bit on the plate at a time, smashing it to the plate so it take a while to lick up, then once he is done and settled he can have a bit more in the same way. Gradually get him used to eating more and more at a time, and also expand the feeding time out over 2-3 hours in the evening and slowly condense it back down over time.

My cat Maxwell and my other cat Jack were especially bad about getting too excited at dinner time and would CONSTANTLY regurgitate their food. After working with them in that way they are now back to eating off the same plates as everyone else.

Another thing I did find with Jack especially was that he seemed to be "allergic" to one brand of food. After I stopped using that food he rarely ever gets sick after dinner (sick as in stomach upset, not so excited that he barfs).

Some other things I would recommend-

Another brand other than Science Diet. Some of their ingredients include not so good by-products and chemical preservatives. Depending on what recipe you are feeding, you may be feeding the equivalent of grocery store brand food without realizing it.

Use a pate style food while retraining your cat so it is easier to smoosh to the plate. Avoid shreds, chunks, filets etc. until your cat can start easily digesting his food again.

Put the plate up on a higher service level with his face. This can also help reduce regurgitation.

Look into the bowls they use for dogs to slow down their eating. Where I live I think they are called Life Bowls and they do come in smaller sizes safe to use for a cat.

Hope this helps!
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