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Originally Posted by MerlinsHope View Post
Hi Deaura

Nice that you want to start your puppy on raw

Ground up vegetables went out 10 years ago. there is no need for that.

Eggs should be served shell and all, they don't have to be ground, just crack an egg in a bowl and leave the shells there and let puppy play with them. 3 times a week should suffice , not more than that.
Just make sure you always add the Omegas 3+6 to the diet ( fatty fish). This is extremely important.

No dog ever choked on a side of beef, whereas plenty have choked on small pieces of meat and bone. large pieces are always more desirable. let your puppy stand on it, yank and tear at it. You'd be surprised that young puppies are better suited to raw than dogs that have been eating kibble for 2 years.
They entirely forget how to eat meat.

Stick with large pieces that your puppy can pull at.

MM sure wish I had found this thread when we started the raw. But now that were threw the early stages wow do my dogs like it and seem extremely healthy. My on=going research is to find out if I'm missing anything. There diet right now is more of a musher. Raw bone a day then 2lb block of frozen meat, fat, blood, small % of oragan and % of tripe. What worries me is what they may be missing.

The egg, eggshell and the omega 3+ 6 seems like something i have to learn about. Can you elaborate PLEASE.

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