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Thank you for the advice, I haven't been back on this site since the first week with our puppy, you were very helpful.
Vicky was 7 weeks when we got her, she is now almost 3 months old and is healthy, happy and content. She loves her raw meat!!!! We feel so much better giving her this, our previous dogs were on kibble and I always felt sorry for them eating that horrible dry stuff. Our first dog died at 10 years, she had Cushings Disease, our second dog had Lymphoma before she was 5 years old and we let her go on Sept 4 this year - a horrible sad time!
That is what made us research why so many dogs are getting sick and we found out about Raw Food diets and why they are so good - we are promoting this to everyone but most people can't be bothered to make the effort to change - too bad for their dogs!
Vicky is now 20 lbs and her coat is beautiful, her breath is odorless, her poops are small and firm and we are saving money - raw can be cheaper, we used to buy special expensive dry food, it cost us over $100 a month!
Spread the word - more people need to switch to raw!!!
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