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Originally Posted by Joelle

I must say my cat has never kneaded my head but we didn't have him when he was a kitten. Although that would make a great candid shot!!!

Suggestion for the outdoor problem...

But please head my warning about letting them out....My cat ran away one night (and yes we searched the WHOLE neighborhood with flashlights to find him) only to have him come back in the morning with FIV which he caught from another neighborhood cat.... For those of you who don't know FIV is the cat equivalent of HIV, don't worry its not transmissable to humans but a suprising no. of cats have it. They can get it just from hissing or scratching each other....

Just FYI

I don't let her out, my problem comes more from my father who is careless and doesn't lock the front door after he comes in or leaves (our dog knows how to open the door when it is unlocked, and my cat runs at the chance of an open door and my grandpa is really good at locking the door but i am afraid he is too slow for my cat and before he even gets a chance to step outside she runs between his legs and he doesn't even notice. When I am around, I squirt her with water and lock her in the room every time but that doesn't seem to help. she also seems to know she can get away with a lot more with grandpa too. I got her a harness but she hates it and cries when she is outside and has it on. I am really concerned about FIV, since my neighborhood is one made up poor people and drug addicts, therefore there are tons of stray cats roaming the streets. I am going to be scared taking her to sacramento for two weeks. I really don't want to lose her there (sacramento was were I found her). I am really doing the best I can. As soon as my school loans come through In January I will rent my own apt. where I control the front door and then I will feel better and safe with my little girl. Thanks for the post!
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