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Exclamation Too Cute


I must say my cat has never kneaded my head but we didn't have him when he was a kitten. Although that would make a great candid shot!!!

Suggestion for the outdoor problem...

My cat, well, we call him runaway cat because before he came into our lives he was an indoor/outdoor cat as he pleased. PLEASE BE CAREFUL LETTING YOUR FELINE OUTSIDE!!! I strongly suggest the use of a harness and lead. You can even attach the lead to a fence or something if you want to do something else in the meanwhile. Thought I don't recommend leaving them unattended long (they tend to get tangled!!!!)

But please head my warning about letting them out....My cat ran away one night (and yes we searched the WHOLE neighborhood with flashlights to find him) only to have him come back in the morning with FIV which he caught from another neighborhood cat.... For those of you who don't know FIV is the cat equivalent of HIV, don't worry its not transmissable to humans but a suprising no. of cats have it. They can get it just from hissing or scratching each other....

Just FYI

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