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Originally Posted by GsdDiamond
You said the bubble has broken up....does it weep? A weeping wound usually isn't good and she should probably be on antibiotics.

Kneeding and sucking is a pleasurable thing for the cats. If your cat doesn't kneed, then she's not expressing how happy she is. She probably purrs for the first few minutes of kneeding...right?

the wound healed up very well and nothing is seeping, she has been a bit constipated though, I let her out to eat some grass, so I hope that will clear up soon. And as for the purring, she purrs the whole time she kneeds....I am usually asleep before she stops purring.

I hate taking her to the vet because she gets soo kranky but I am taking her in tomorrow just so the vet can look at it. It is soo bad, she starts trembling and hissing as soon as I put her in the car. My poor girl. But I just want to be certain it isn't a problem.

Thanks for all your help!
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