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Here is another one for all you experts!

She has a habit of kneading, which I know is all right, very kitten-ish, she considers me her mamma, and since I found her abandoned and starving as a baby she obviously was taken away from her mother's milk too soon. The thing I am concerned about is that she kneads my head, and sucks on my hair every night as soon as I lay down for bed (oh and she does it as soon as she wakes up in the morning). my concern is that my hair probably absorbs pollution or nasty things in the air, or has shampoo or conditioner that remains or hairspray and I know that is bad for her and I hope it doesn't make her sick. Do you guys think this may be a problem. I have tried to get her to knead and suck on a stuffed cat I have, but she cries and it never fails that as soon as i lay down she heads straight for my head. And even when I move a little bit she cries. What do you guys suggest. I know I have so many questions but I never raised a cat and I would much rather ask than do something that would harm my little girl.
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