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Originally Posted by krdahmer
I know...I say it over and over and over again....but string on a stick. Seriously tie a string on a dowel or stick and play with your kitten for about 1/2 hour a day. It tires them out and they feel like they get the prowling and pouncing they are missing outside. Buddy (formerly an outdoor cat) doesnt even stand at the door anymore!

You know I have soo many toys for her and I have little bells and rats on sticks and I try and play with her and she runs to the door and crys. When she does want to kinda play it is maybe 2 minutes and she will run in my room and lay on my bed. I keep all types of toys and things on the floor, I have dangling stuff on doorknobs but she never really likes to play. The only time I see her playing is with our dog, but that doesn't last long either. She is weird. She just really wants out. Thank you, I really wish I had a good cat like yours, hopefully she will come around. Thanks.
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