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Originally Posted by GsdDiamond
Pretty good recovery skills by your cat! In this post, you mention your cat is depressed and doesn't want to move. Now, since this post thread was created 6 minutes after the first one, I'd say that's an amazing recovery!
sorry for the was two seperate problems and didn't want to post them in the same thread.

This is the timeline issue.

My cat since I had her always ran out on me. I didn't want her to get pregnant and so I got her fixed (at 5 mo.). A few days after the surgery she ran out, climbed a tree, jumped on the roof and jumped off (her stiches were still in). I thought fixing her would calm her down a bit, but obviously not. Then the day she had her stitches removed, she became very sedetary and I noticed the little bubble with very saggy skin.

Now my kitty seems to do a lot better and the bubble has broken up and feels lumpy( I hope that is a good sign). Sorry that was confusing, I just needed advice about both her behavior and health, I kinda didn't want to intertwine them together just to get more specific answers to each issue. Thank you for your concern. I think I will try and get her a leash and gives me hope.

Thank you all.
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