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Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Hello Lynne&Co.

I've been thinking about your dilemma about the turtle eggs and recall that some years ago while I was working in the bush, we had a couple of episodes with the beavers.

We had to poke a hole in their dam to reduce the water level in the pond so that we could use a road to access a property. What we did after punching the hole in the dam, was to take a couple of cloth bags and put some moth crystals in them and tied them to short steel poles and put them upright into the opening - like a flag pole - that we had punched in the dam. This was to stop the beavers from repairing the damage for the few days while we were working in the area.

When we were finished, we took them out so the animals could do their repair work.

I was thinking that something like this might work for you or at least worth looking into or thinking about. Just use a stick or if you prefer, the moth balls could probably be set on the ground around the nest about 8 inches to a foot away from it. And I'd only start with 3 little piles in a triangle containing 2 or 3 moth balls each. This might be enough to deter any intruders. The odour of the moth balls seems to be a deterrent - they don't like it.

Do a little bit of research into it and see what you think.
Thank you for the advice. Will look into it and see.

Today I accidentally dug up a nest while gardening. Not sure when they were laid but have now placed 8 painted turtle eggs into a bucket of soil. Protected it with a screen and two rocks so hopefully the eggs incubate properly.
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