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Hi there Lynne:

No I really don't know the area like the back of my hand, but when I was much younger our family had property in the Highlands and we travelled that highway quite often before permanently moving there.

I have a couple of cousins who live in Lindsay and I'd love to get down to see them some day.

I think I recognize the lake - it looks familiar. And by the way I had a painted turtle as a kid. Have you run into any snapping turtles yet? There used to be lots of them around too, north up the highway. And some were really big - heads on them bigger than your fist and a neck the size of your wrist. If you ever got your fingers in the way, it would be instant amputation with no sedation. But we still lifted them up carefully and checked their weight, and took them off the middle of the road.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
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