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Originally Posted by Bart_Man View Post
He hates to be brushed and combed and whenever I brush him he bites and scratches my hands and draws blood.
Is Tux short-haired? What kind of brush are you using? Maybe you could just wipe him down with a damp cloth instead, and very slowly, using positive reinforcement (ie: lots of tasty treats) get him gradually used to brushing?

Originally Posted by Bart_Man View Post
Now my question is: have any of you ever tried giving your cat a quarter of a crushed Gravol pill (I'd put it in his wet food)
Not a good idea. For starters, Gravol tastes nasty and I doubt you'd actually have any luck getting him to eat it like that. Might make him suspicious of his food in the future. I also don't think it's a good idea to unnecessarily "drug" a cat when there are better options.

What does Tux eat? Maybe part of the shedding problem is a diet issue? Vitamin E and/or Omega3 supplements could help, if he isn't taking any already.
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