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Hi AG nice to see you

For Vlad: High Creatinine, Low Platelet & Low Lymphocytes

High creatinine occurs in large muscular cats - it's a by-product of muscle, as well as being an indication of kidney health it's considered more accurate than BUN/Urea because it not affected as much by stress/diet/dehydration.

He's only 5 so it's unlikely to be CRF as that generally happens in older cats unless it's genetic (would've shown up before now). Acute kidney failure would have vastly high numbers. If his diet is mostly red meat or fish this may elevate the Cre numbers. There are a number of other things that can cause a rise in Cre with or without a subsequent rise in BUN ie high blood pressure, pancreatitis, diabetes etc most will have other increased blood values & depends on what symptoms he's displaying.

Low platelet count followed by the comment "count reflects min number/adequate due to clumping" means with a number that is not too low, the count is a rough estimate of actual numbers but the lab couldn't quite tell as some are clumped together - it's common as long as the number is adequate & isn't really low.

Lymphocytes being low commonly occur due to stressful situations - being at the vet is the #1 cause of low lymphocytes also viral infections, chronic bacterial infection though you will see other signs in the blood work. Cancers will also cause low lymphocytes but again you'll see other signs as well.

Vlad is the one that gets so very stressed at/going to the vet isn't he?

For Oksana: High Albumin & Low Neutrophils

The only cause of high Albumin is dehydration

Neutrophils are the first responder of the white blood cells, fighting infection or inflammation. Cats that are low in Vit B12/Folic Acid can have low neutrophil numbers.

Oksana's other WBC & her RBC counts are fine, so unless she's got an injury that is producing inflammation or a viral infection - not too likely as they're not roaming outside, I would think the likely cause is dehydration & low Vit B from eating little.

Oksana has always been a picky/small eater hasn't she? Especially if the others are around right?

Are either of them showing any odd symptoms? Weight loss, limping, ears really hot, excessive sleeping, not eating, not drinking, lethargy/depression etc

I know it's sometimes hard to tell with multi cat households but have you noticed a change in their litterbox habits?

What & how much are they currently eating?

All blood/urine values fluctuate throughout the day so it's possible the numbers might have tested normal at a different or less stressful time of day.

It wouldn't hurt to test out the food for a few weeks to see what the results show, I'm not seeing kidney issues from those blood results but there was also no urine test to check for specific gravity which is key in kidney testing. Honestly the blood tests aren't showing me anything alarming unless they are also displaying symptoms that are of concern.
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