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Originally Posted by Digston View Post
Yup, it is more of an individual thing. Its the same as how some dogs react to vaccinations while other don't.

Benedryl is something that you should always have in your doggy first aid. It needs to be plain Benedryl though.

Winston swells up if he gets an insect bite, while Digby doesn't. But then Digby gets nice sized welts from tick bites, while Winston doesn't.

The benedryl also came in handy last week when I discovered my dogs had gotten lice. Digby scratched to the point that he was giving himself hotspots

If your dog is having an allergic reaction giving Benedryl is the first step. Then its observation. If the dog is having issues breathing then its time to haul bootie to the vet where they can give an injectable antihistamine and assist with the breathing if neccessary.
Marty has bronchitis and has a hard time breathing, it get bad when it is hot out. I have to really watch my dogs as I am not able to hear how their breathing is.
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