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Lost in north bay, ontario: Dog

This is the story from our local newspaper. The owner recently passed away, as you will read.....

The only thing Kathy King has left of her daughter is missing.

The King family has been grieving Misty King, 17, and is now searching for the girl's constant companion, a teacup-sized Pomeranian, that disappeared a few days after her death.

Kathy King said the family dropped off the dog at a friend's home near Birchs Road on Oct. 3 while they prepared funeral arrangements for the girl, who committed suicide Sept. 30.

Two days later, King learned the five-year-old dog named Buttercup was missing.

Searches were organized, animal shelters in North Bay and Powassan were contacted and posters were plastered around the West Ferris area.

It's been two weeks, but King said she isn't prepared to give up the search.

“She's the only thing we have left of Misty,” she said breaking down over the telephone Monday morning. “My daughter loved that dog. She spent so much time with her. It wouldn't leave her side.”

King said Buttercup has never been away from home or alone for this length of time.

Kathy Jeanneault from All Heart Pet Rescue in Powassan shared the story about the missing dog on her Facebook page.

She said a woman, who asked to remain anonymous, has offered a $100 reward for the person who returns the dog to the King family.

Anyone who has information or finds the dog is asked to call King at 705-497-3589 or 705-477-8032.

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