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Dogs sways, acts disoriented?

Hello everyone!

When I came downstairs this morning, my 8 month old puppy was uncharacteristically calm. He usually runs up and starts jumping around, but he stayed in bed and just watched me for a while before he got up to get water. When he sat down, his entire body was rocking back and forth, as though he couldn't control it. It wasn't really shaking, it was more gentle but a wider motion, if that makes any sense!

His hind legs also just kind of crumple to the side, when he sits, they don't fold under him like normal. His eyes also looked kind of unfocused, and seemed kind of out of it.

I took him to the vet right away, but they just prescribed anti-inflammatories and told me he probably hurt his leg a bit, but he'd be alright. I came home reassured, but when I described the symptoms to my roommate, she told me he did something similar a few weeks ago. The fact that it's a returning issue has me worried.

He was trying to get me to chase him around today (which he does often, by picking up things he know I'll want back), and his running was much slower than usually. He's usually a little hurricane but today he was running at about the same pace as my 8 year old Dane, at about 25% of his normal speed. No swaying since noon, but definitely still weak-looking.

Do you guys have any experience with something like this? What should I keep an eye out for?
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