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Originally Posted by goldiesplash View Post
Barkingdog, Thank you for your interesting comment. It scares me. I don't live near by a landfill, however, I actually drive by one on the way to my dog's agility school, which is Thursday evening. The symptom of my dog started Friday afternoon. Do you think the toxic gas might have affected my dog? He seemed fine on Thursday evening after school, so I don't know if it could have anything to do with it. Does your dog constantly act strange because of the gas?
the only symptom mylast dog show from the landfill was that he started to vomit from the smell and I almost did myself. I called the ER vet to find out what symptoms I should be looking for as the landfill is very close to my house and the hydrogen sulfide was getting into my home a lot. My new dog will cough when the landfill act up. Does the landfill smell like rotten eggs a lot?
I just read your comment about the 'pot' I hope the guys did not give your dog some pot as some of it mixed with other drugs .
I really do not see how a dog eyes can look out of focus by hurting it leg. I would look for another vet.
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