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Thanks so much for all the info guys! Of course I have a million other questions to ask.

Kira's been on the raw diet since Tuesday and he's doing so well! He has yet to have a loose stool, all his meat poops have been tiny (funny to see how tiny they are for the first time), he also can't wait for me to put his dish down, ha. I know he was never excited when he was having kibble, I can understand why... Anyways, I've only been feeding him chicken legs (with the bones), some boneless thighs and breasts to get his meat ratio to bones up, and some cooked carrots/broccoli that's all mashed up (since I know dogs have problems digesting raw ones due to the cellular walls). He seems to be doing well on it, I'm slowly increasing the amount of meat from 2% (don't want him to have an overload). Today I think I will attempt to feed him some liver along with his chicken.

I know some dogs do not like the taste of liver (from what I've gathered from around the forum), does anyone have any tips on how to trick them into liking it? (I'm assuming he won't, but hopefully he will). I've read that people stick it under the chicken skin and that seems to work. Anything else? Also, I assume it's really rich on a dog's stomach the first try, does anyone have any suggestion on a safe amount to feed him when introducing it?

Marcha, I know that you mentioned that if the leg was too small for him to feed him a leg and a thigh together, my only concern is that I read there is one bone in the thigh that can be pretty sharp (even when it isn't cooked). Does anyone know anything about that? I have no idea where I read it, but that's one of the reasons why I haven't given him a boned thigh yet.

As for feeding him a whole chicken, they cost too much at the stores, all the meat does really (I've been lucky to pick up some cheap stuff a few times, that's it though). I don't really know of too many places here, Moncton, NB that sell meat. My boyfriend knows a friend that goes to a meat shop so we are going to check that out today. Other than that, the whole raw feeding doesn't seem to be really big out here.

Thanks for mentioning to a feed a puppy more (makes sense since they are still growing), I know a read somewhere that it's fine up to 10% but that might be a little much for my puppy. Huskies don't seem to be the biggest eaters, hence him being so scrawny. Which brings me to my next question, I assume it's easier for dogs to put on weight when their on raw over kibble, correct? I know Kira would barely touch his kibble so I think it's correct for him. I'd like him to gain a few pounds and I'm just wondering if anyone knows some recipes? I came across one called Satin's balls which seems to be really popular but I don't like the fact that it includes cereals.. or ground beef. I know some people feed it to their dogs, it's cheap but me and my boyfriend just don't like the idea of feeding him that. I know you could substitute something, but I have no idea what.

Starch, some people feed their dogs potatoes, I haven't done enough research into this to know if starch is good for them or not. I know too much of it for us is bad, but I assume anything in large amounts can be. I do know that when I was first looking into diets when I first got Kira, some source said that sweet potatoes are the only potatoes that are good for dogs. Anyone know if that is true? Because I see a lot of people saying they feed their dogs potatoes (don't specify what kind though).

I'm almost done, I promise. Eggs. From what I gather it is safe to feed them, shell and all, to your dog. I take it that the shells don't hurt them, but I did read that too much raw egg whites can be potentially dangerous. So on average, what's a safe number of eggs to feed your dog a week? I think I read 3 somewhere. Is there any difference between white and brown eggs?

Okay, last question. Since my dog is now a chicken eater, I'm concerned about him licking me... I'm a total hygiene freak. I just don't want to end up getting salmonella poisoning. Is there a time frame in which it's safe for the dog to lick you after consuming chicken?

Please let me know! Thank you so much!!

Oh, and I don't have any really recent pics of my baby so I'll give you one of when he was really young. Later today I'll snap up some pics of him and post them for you guys x3

Don't worry, that's not the most recent pic that I have of him, only one I have on this computer at the moment (mine died two weeks ago).
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