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I think we all have different views of training, YOU need to find what works for you. I personally have to disagree firmly with spraying an animal to keep undesired behavior at bay.

The first thing you need to recognize is that barking when someone is approaching your home is a very, very natural thing for a dog to do. She's warning you that someone is coming, and warning them that they are on her turf.
I know I wouldn't like water thrown in my face if I was trying to explain something to someone; I certainly wouldn't reccomend doing this to your dog either.
I personally am GLAD that my dogs bark when someone comes. Its their way of warning the entire family. But I also expect them to be respectful of guests, of myself, and *stop* barking when I tell them thankyou.

Has your lab mastered the sit/stay command? Does she have a bed, or a spot she can sit on (a specific rug or blanket) that you can direct her to when someone is coming?

It also sounds like her collar is either too loose, or you need to invest in a different style like a martingale. When a dog slips out of a collar, this is entirely dangerous for the dog and everyone involved.

The second thing you want to do is practice through the day ensuring that she realizes that the door is YOUR space and not hers. Try to map out a little area around the door that she's never allowed to walk into unless you ask her too. Whenever anyone in your family notices that she's lingering in your front entrance, or going to the door, make sure someone tells her to get back and away from the door - even blocking her with their body.
It's important for her to understand that the door is not something she can barge - regardless of whether or not someone is there.

It will take patience and consistancy, but if you give her a few firm rules and expectations, this is something that can be overcome.
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