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We have a 3 1//2 year old yellow Lab. She's a rescue so we really don't know her history. She was doing the exact same thing when anyone came to the door. That, and other alpha behavior.

On day I was thinking, hmmm wonder how she'd react to a spray bottle of water. So one day I took the bottle, sneaked around to the front door and rang the bell. She went nuts of course. I threw open the door and sprayed her full in the face. She took off and hid in the bedroom.

Since then we always keep a spray bottle by the front door. When someone comes we just point they spray bottle at her and she won't come come within 10 feet of the door.

We also enlisted the help of friends and neighbors. I would meet them outside and give them the spray bottle. They would ring the bell and when my wife opened the door they would zap our dog with water.

Now, the dog thinks that if she goes to the door she'll get sprayed.

Problem solved
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