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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Glad to hear Lady G.'s roses are still blooming! I think it's a sign she's keeping watch over you and she wants you to smile.

We have a foot of snow on the ground--I can't even see the gardens at this point--and anything in bloom would be a miracle!!
Awww, thank you very much hazelrunpack! That's an awesome way to look at it.

I live along the coast of Georgia, and we hardly even know what snow is! We've had some cool weather, but the real cold hasn't gotten here as of yet. It is coming though. And as hard as it may be to believe, it does get pretty cold here at times. I love cooler weather. Summers are just way too hot.

Again, thanks for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!
RIP Lady G.
2007 - January 14, 2019
I love and miss you dearly! I will never forget you, girl!

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