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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Sounds like the cold weather brought out her zoomie mood! She was lucky to share her life with you in a state where there wasn't too much snow!

Our cats have stopped even asking to go out for walks now that we have snow on the ground! Instead, they're zooming inside. JD knocked over and broke my monitor last night doing a zoomie run over the computer table I'll bet Lady G. had better manners!

That's funny! Lady G. loved getting up here on my computer table and getting all in my way, laying all over the keyboard and mice cable. Sometimes I couldn't get anything done. But that was my baby, and I loved the attention she gave me. Too cute!

Now about that broken monitor, now may be a great time to buy yourself another one due to all the Black Friday sales going on between now and December. Check out monitor deals on Amazon and on Newegg. It's where I get most of my computer related needs.

Happy Holidays to you!
RIP Lady G.
2007 - January 14, 2019
I love and miss you dearly! I will never forget you, girl!

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