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Hey! Of course, Iíll share some photos! She is a pretty unique dog to me. By the way, we donít actually know her mix because sheís a rescue. She is medium sized, about 25 pounds.

She has a schnauzer face and coat, except that she has red undertones under the grey top of her hair. She also doesnít shed, like a schnauzer, and she has the terrier energy.

She is mellow inside and loves to sleep, just like a greyhound. She has much longer legs than any schnauzer Iíve seen, and we have one in the family. She is lightning fast (other people are mesmerized by her speed) just like a greyhound as well. And finally, her ears look and fold in the same way a greyhoundís ears do, and I donít know any other breed with the same ears. They are also red.

Here is a link to her Google site (her photos are captioned):

Hope you find her as adorable as I do!
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