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Originally Posted by katmj16 View Post
This is honestly crazy and I'm on the verge of tears. We have a one year old corgi welsh other half unknown as we adopted him. Within the last couple weeks he's been chewing his feet. He started limping so we took him to the vet and $250 later they called it an "abrasion" saying his cut himself, chewed it, then it got infected. Then, we bring him home and he starts at his other feet! So much he's bleeding! The vet took a blood test and wanted to do a biopsy on his feet. For as painful as it sounded and $555, there's got to be another way. The blood test brought up nothing. We tried Epsom salt and gold bond powder and Benadryl, no relief. We tried cortisone cream and dog socks, he just ran away and ripped them off to go at it again. He's now stuck in a dog cone and miserable and we just miss the old him. I've read so many forums saying the vet doesn't know and maybe it's allergies. Old food takes 3 weeks to get out of his system, so I'll try some new food I guess. PLEASE HELP!!

Recent behavior: Does not want to go outside or go for walks; doesn't even want to play and just mopes around the house, laying down, hardly except for the occasional change of position or moving to a new lay down spot. He's a puppy, he's normally obsessed with ALWAYS wanting to play outside and always, always, (cannot stress it enough) always, wanting to go for walks. Loves to run around the house and play too. He's 110% out of character. Any help or suggestions would be very, very helpful. It's so frustrating and we just want our little guy to be happy again and playful like he used to be!

Additionally, the vet took a sample of some puss coming out of his foot and said whatever it is; it's NOT bacterial.

this web site tell some reasons dogs chew on their feet. I was told being bored in one reason . Did you try spraying some Apple Bitter on his feet? I would ask the vet if that is OK to do when your feet are bleeding .
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