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Vlad might also have lost some muscle mass, that usually burns faster than fat does, that could've caused a spike in the Creatinine levels since it's a byproduct of muscle wasting as well as muscle gain.

The lymphocytes being low due to stress is common & called stress lymphopenia.

That's right Oksana is prone to UTIs - that'll explain the low neutrophil levels - they're fighting the infection from the urinary tract & UTIs always make the cats pee more so that explains her high albumin dehydration factor.

Hot ears on a cat, that has not been laying in the sun, under a blanket or some other very warm spot, can indicate high fever or stress levels - when Duffy was having a severe allergic/pancreatic reaction to raw duck there were numerous symptoms she was displaying & one of them were her ears were burning hot to the point I was attempting to cool her down w/cold wet towel over her head.

You're welcome & anytime time AG
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