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Hi Rhynes - thankfully I'm not a shrinking violet and quite appreciate straight talk when warranted. Kinda think you might be the same??

The vet that can't find their ass with a map is my boss - I work at the clinic but in an administrative/PR capacity. Was a journalist for 30 years before moving to Canada but no medical background. Do I take what he says on board all the time? Hell no! I've rejected his 'suggestions' many times - thyroid meds, Apoquel, Pred, etc. Don't feel the need to defend myself any further.

Did I take my dog to Edmonton? No I did not - but I did find a good holistic vet here. She suggested the raw - no, it didn't work out. Did it make me scared of it - it did for my dog and, believe it or not, the vet agreed that raw is not an option for her due to her pancreatitis. Incredible as it may sound to you, not all dogs can eat raw food - shock, horror!!! If you believe they can then you really do need to check it out - pay particular attention to pancreatic dogs.

The nutritionist I use has 30+ years of experience. Doesn't just send me recipes she thinks my dog would like - but bases the nutritional requirements on the dogs bloods and medical reports. Again, does not under any circumstances recommend raw for my dog, although she does formulate the large majority of her recipes for raw fed dogs. I've discussed carbs, sugars etc with her - her response is that nutrition must be geared towards meeting the individual dogs specific requirements and ability to process/digest their food. It's not a 'one size fits all' situation. And guess what - the aforementioned Apoquel that my vet said that my dog needed for skin issues is no longer even a consideration as my dog's very bad skin condition is fully resolved. Much to the Sat Nav requiring vet's amazement!!!!!!!

Kidney issues?? If you mean the recent comment on the dilute urine and blood, I have no idea what the cause was. But the subsequent laboratory tested urinalysis (as opposed to the initial in-house test) showed no issues with her urine. I did mention that above.

CBD and Metacam - I will ignore the fact that you have basically called me a liar by saying that I did not research it. I admit I did not know about weaning off Metacam - maybe I'm 'old-school' and don't believe in suddenly stopping a long term medication so thought I was right? But I didn't just buy CBD oil and start pumping it into my dog on top of everything else she's getting! There was a cross-over of about 2 weeks with 0.25mg of Metacam and the very minimum dosage of CBD. Now no Metacam and the recommended dosage of CBD. Dr Sat Nav was of no help whatsoever with any of this - wonder how I knew I couldn't give both?????

Yes - you're 100% right with your remark about me being on this road for over a year. Is that so unusual when you have an elderly dog with a number of issues?? I don't accept your remark that I have been 'throwing crap at a wall and hoping something will stick' - why would you say that? The way I see it is that I've been trying to find the right crap to throw with the certain knowledge that it will stick and show results. Perhaps you might consider rephrasing your remark to say that I haven't given up my efforts to help my dog? And I have made some progress (note skin issues above plus now almost picture perfect thyroid blood work)

You ask if I want some real world advice - I never refuse advice! I may not always act on all the advice that I get (imagine the consequences of that) but I certainly assess it and pick from it and, while you give me no credit for having any intelligence whatsoever in relation to dog care) I would be intrigued to hear what approach you would take.

But, and I've wanted to ask you this before, what is your background in canine care? Are you self-educated (which is something I greatly admire if that be the case), do you have certified credentials, or did you just find yourself completely disillusioned by the veterinary system (conventional and holistic) and decide to rebel against it?

Would I ask you to 'leave me alone'?? Never - I'd miss you
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