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This is going to sound really mean, but I'm going to say it anyway... You've been at this for a year now, and no further ahead. I told you a while back, get a new vet cause your current definitely can't find their own ass with a map. And if this is a new vet, find another one. I recommended bringing your dog to one of 2 holistic vets in Edmonton, they would be glad to help you out - did you do it? Currently, you're throwing crap at a wall hoping something sticks. Been there, done that, became wise to it - got tired of vets telling me "here's my opinion, now pay me" and all the while my dog is suffering.

You were given bad advice about raw diets, started off on a protein that was too rich. I can guarantee that you didn't verify the diet. Screwed it up based on bad advice and now you're scared of it.

If the dog were mine, I'd have her on a strict raw diet done properly - dogs do not need sugar, carbs, starches, sugars etc. If the vet is telling you that - they ARE an idiot and know nothing about nutrition. Feeding rice to a 13 year old dog with likely kidney issues?

CBD and metacam? You didn't check that out, you simply don't feed an inhibitor of an NSAID to a 13 year old dog that's taking NSAID's - no matter the dose. If your vet recommended giving both, then they are an idiot.

I tried reasoning with you, pm'd you, you haven't taken anything I've said to heart. And you're no further ahead. Now would you like some real world advice? If not, tell me to leave you alone.
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