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I agree - it would be totally irresponsible not to check for drug interactions.
Equally, it would be irresponsible to use it 'willy nilly'.

If you meant that comment for me personally rather than in general, I most certainly did inform my vet of my intention to use CBD oil for my dog. However, many conventional vets are totally ignorant (or choose to completely ignore) the growing use/benefit of CBD oil for pets - this is part of where the problem lies. Another factor is social media where uninformed people make suggestions for your dog without knowing its unique circumstances. This occurs daily on sites like Facebook and it really concerns me how readily people take suggestions on board without seeking professional advice or, at the very least, doing some research of their own.

I had my dog weaned down to 0.25mg of Metacam daily before I introduced the CBD and, as of Wednesday of this week, I have stopped the Metacam altogether based on my own research into the matter. I had intended to use the CBD and Golden Paste as an alternative to Metacam from day one, not as an addition to it.
What I wasn't aware of is that you can just withdraw Metacam without weaning off it, otherwise she'd have been on CBD weeks ago.

My dog is 13 years old - some have argued that at this stage its quality rather than quantity of life at this point. I do not necessarily agree with that and I want to treat her as naturally as I possibly can while I can without filling her up with toxic medications. Obviously, if she develops something that can only be successfully treated with prescription veterinary medication I will have to review that - at present her issues are elevated ALT (so I've removed the Metacam and Clomicalm which can contribute to this), leg trembling (I am giving CBD Hemp Oil, Golden Paste and await an appointment from a rehabilitative vet with a view to acupuncture/massage/laser therapy of whatever is suggested), deafness (nothing I can do here but it happened following treatment with Surolan which I bitterly regret giving her) and, of course pancreatitis/digestive issues (I have paid a small fortune in food intolerance testing and in hiring a nutritionist who worked with her blood work and medical records to formulate her diet).

I have done and am doing my very best for my dog - but I know my choices may not always be right or in keeping with other peoples opinion and that I don't have the store of knowledge that others have on these matters. But I don't and never will act in a 'willy nilly' fashion and will always err on the side of caution before making decisions in relation to the health of my pets.

Finally, to Rhynes, I never have ignored your advice and always find your approaches enlightening, even if your chosen courses of action are sometimes a step too far for me (ie, giving thyroid meds as a trial is not something I am comfortable with). But I greatly appreciate your input and your knowledge sharing and have made notes of many of your past suggestions as reference.
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