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Thank you Maxi Lisa for your very detailed and helpful response.
To outline the positives from it first - she had her urine checked by cysto the following day and it was properly concentrated but it scheduled to be rechecked again in six weeks. She gets B 50 daily, has been checked for tick disease (negative), her anal glands were expressed this week and were not very full and she is also booked for a Rehabilitation Consultation to assess which therapy would help her most, ie; accupunture, laser, pulse, chiro, etc.
Today I made her Golden Paste to help with any discomfort she may be having without the Metacam until she has the consultation and I am enlightened as to the extent of her condition and, hopefully, the cause is identified so we can move forward with treating her.

You comment on the CBD Hemp Oil interests me as I really believed it was a good approach for her. But I certainly do not want to risk it having a negative effect of any kind. The Zylkene is difficult to gauge at the moment as she is not on it long enough to see if it is have a positive impact or if it is making no impact at all.

The thyroid issue is also now beginning to concern me again as Rhynes referred to it in an earlier comment too. But her thyroid blood work is not showing any cause for concern and is well within normal range, both on her regular clinic tests and on Dr Dodds test. By my reasoning (which could be wrong!!) I don't see a need to give her thyroid medication if there is nothing in her blood work to warrant it?

Can I ask you a couple of questions on the other points you raised in your reply? I give her probiotics regularly but not daily and I use the Dr. Mercola brand as this was recommended to me. However, just a couple of days ago I saw a comment somewhere that this brand is not that good so now I am at a loss as to whether to continue with it or, more importantly, what to replace it with?
You also mention Boswellia and Yucca and, while I know the names, I know nothing about them. Where are they available from, how are they administered, are they given long term, it is a choice of one or the other of them and which one is more successful and most easily tolerated. And, finally, if it is not being tolerated why symptoms indicate that?
You also mention Alpha Lipoic Acid and you have lost me completely there as I am not familiar with it at all. How effective/beneficial is it? Where is it available? Is there a canine version of it? Is it easily tolerated?
And, needless to say, I have similar questions about non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin as, once again, I am unfamiliar with that too.

Finally (you'll be happy to hear!!) did you add anything to your dogs combination of pork and green beans? Did you add any carbs at all or how did you make a filling meal from those two ingredients? Did you add any supplements (calcium, iron, manganese, iodine, Vitamins E and D) as these all form part of her current diet in order to keep it balanced.

I would be very grateful if you get a chance to answer my question whenever you log in again as, like I say, I am totally at sea with many of your suggestions but very interested in hearing your answers.
Thank you again for the time you took to reply - it is greatly appreciated.
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