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Just popping in, I haven't been reading the forum (stll knee deep in elder care issues), but I have a few observations....

With the dilute urine the kidneys may not be concentrating it which is a problem. Kinda hoping there is a UTI which might take care of things when treated.

As for the mucous, have you tried different types of probiotics? It took me a long time to find the right ones here. There are some infections that cause toxins that create the symptoms you describe (stools and even the shaking) that are hard to find (mainly in the clostridium family). If the mucous continues, it's an issue of the wrong bugs in the gut and need to be treated somehow.

The supplements you are using to replace the meds may or may not do the job adequately.

I used a hemp product for my dog's anxiety at first. It worked well initially but then eventually made her more inclined to bark and go off on other dogs so I stopped it. I tried the zykliene product too and it didn't help. St John's wort helped a lot, but it interacts with a zillion different things so you have to be careful with it. Ultimately fixing the other things she had wrong helped the most, but she is still an anxious dog, and I believe it comes from the gut.

Metacam is an anti-inflammatory and and i'm not sure you have a replacement for that. Here I try things like boswellia or yucca if it's tolerated. There are others, but I am not completely convinced the hemp oil is a strong enough anti-inflammatory. It's possible that in high chronic doses any anti-inf supplement is also harder on the liver, but I don't think they are as bad as the Metacam for that.

I would consider a b-complex, like a B-50 to help with the nervous system, which may include the cause for the shake and also contributes to anxiety.

My girl has tremors, we think are nervous system bases. I find that alpha lipoic acid (she gets r-lipoic) is very helpful, but she is also getting nongmo sunflower lecithin to help her utilize fats and protect her nervous system.

I do however combine her treatments with regular chiro treatments and also acupuncture.

As you know, once a dog deals with pancreatitis, they have to watch the fat in the diet. But there are many reasons why the pancreas may have become compromised. Allergies, infections, and also immune system attacks can all cause pancreatitis. Our vet internist says in most cases an actual cause is never found, but they treat symptomatically. For my chronic pancreatitis girl, I fed her lean pork and green beans for probably a decade, though she was able to tolerate hard-boiled eggs in the morning. I found foods would trigger her pancreatitis attack (chicken has been bad for all of my dogs), and I found when I wasn't able to control her pancreas issues, she needed a round of panacur, even if all tests were negative.

These dogs are all so individual, best of luck getting this figured out!
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