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Another thing worthy of mentioning - since she has blood in her urine... Rice can be high in phosphorus (and carbs), which normal kidneys can generally deal with. At 13 years old, her kidneys are likely not functioning at peak efficiency. If she's having kidney issues - then rice is probably the last thing you want to feed. Look up Hyperphosphatemia symptoms, could explain the tremors. Have her phosphorus levels been tested? What about calcium levels?

Can urine be too dilute? Is she drinking excessive water?

At some point, you mentioned dealing with possible yeast infection. The added sugars in her diet aren't necessary and will promote yeast. To top it off, by feeding sugar and carbs, you're forcing the pancreas to produce insulin which has a trickle effect throughout the body - affecting the liver as well. The idea of a bland diet is to give the system a rest.
And cooked fat is the main contributor to pancreatitis.
Dogs do not need carbohydrates either.

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