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I fully understand that she cannot live on chicken and calf liver - her food also contains pumpkin, rice and sweet potato plus all the supplements I have listed about.

She's 13 - she is showing early signs of Cognitive Decline (this is a veterinary diagnosis and one I only partially accept at present as most of her issues have been ongoing for some time)

I have gone the conventional route and the holistic route at this point and have failed to either establish what is causing her issues or get any definitive help in solving them.

To be honest I would be nervous about giving her a medication that I was unsure that she needed. I admire your confidence in doing so, but I am very cautious when it comes to Millie as I fear causing her any further issues - although I take on board your comment that it can't do any harm. Hypothyroidism has not been to the forefront of my mind in recent months as her thyroid blood work has all been well within normal range - I even had it tested by Dr. Dodds.

By pure freak I had my other dogs urine tested earlier this week as I've been coming home to large amounts of urine on the floor for the past couple of weeks. Judging by the volume I assumed it was my male dog but his urine tested normal. I joking remarked to the vet that perhaps I was blaming the wrong dog so she immediately suggested testing Millie's urine. It was tested this morning following a free catch sample and the results showed that it was more dilute than it should be and it also contained blood.
She goes in tomorrow for a cysto and fasting blood work so I will raise the thyroid issue again.
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