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April 1st was the last day of Roxy's antibiotic treatment. She had a vet checkup on April 2nd. At this time the lump was down to about 0.5 cm - just a hard, slightly flattened nodule. The vet said she's still concerned about this nodule, and is not sure if it is scar tissue from the abscess or a tumor. We decided to take Roxy off the antibiotics and see what happens. By Tuesday April 7th it was obvious that there was some soft tissue expanding around the lump, so I figured let's just get this dealt with.

Roxy was booked for surgery on Friday (yesterday). The vet tech said she went through surgery very well. They removed all the breast tissue associated with that nipple including 3 cm margins of skin around the nipple. So she has an incision about 8 cm long. We did not send the lump to the university for examination - if it is cancer we will not be doing any chemo or anything like that, so it's a moot point for us to find out what it was. It will either come back (which is bad), or it won't (which is great) - statistically it's 50/50. The vet also removed two skin lumps (not suspected to be associated). The surgery was done at about 11:45 am yesterday, and I picked her up at 3 pm.

She's on Tramisol (opiate) and Prednisolone (steroid/anti-inflammatory) for pain for a few days and the same Apo-Amoxi Clav antibiotics for a week too. So now Roxy is recuperating. She was very alert when she woke up this morning even though she got up a bit slowly and I was a bit concerned about her being silly and popping stitches. She got her first round of meds and now she's obviously drugged, and relaxing, so I feel better about that!
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