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The vet's office called yesterday and said they would really like to examine Roxy soon and see how she's progressing. So she was booked in today (one space left!).

The vet was very happy with Roxy's progress, and said she can't even say for certain that there is a lump there anymore. She said what she's feeling could easily be a fatty deposit or even just scar tissue from the abscess. There is only one area that she is still a bit concerned about and that's a small area directly behind the nipple (where the abscess was leaking from). The vet wants to do 2 more weeks of antibiotics from today and re-evaluate then.

I only feel the lump about twice a week so that it is clear to me if there is any progress or not. I look at it everyday just to make sure it isn't flaring up or something, but I don't thoroughly touch it. Today at the vet's office I felt it for the first time in 3 or 4 days and there was a significant difference in that time. Indeed, it does just kinda feel like fatty tissue, but there is a harder section about the size of a marble right behind her nipple.

Originally Posted by MarianE View Post
Has your vet mentioned that it might be a cyst that became infected?
Yes, the trouble is that almost all cancers are able to produce cysts, so if it IS a cyst, that doesn't mean that it ISN'T a tumor.
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