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Originally Posted by Judygrl View Post
Okay, I went and spoke to the Vet in person today, it did not go well. I ended up walking out while he was still talking/denying. I know and he knows that he paralyzed her but he was never going to admit it.

When I questioned him about it today, basically asked him if he damaged a nerve, he denied and started telling me how and where they give shots, etc. It was given in the hip area. Just seems strange to me that within minutes of receiving these 2 shots this happened and I told him so. He told me to contact any of the Vets in our area for a 2nd opinion, he knows them all well and would be happy to discuss it with them. Good old boy system??? You bet it is so I won't be wasting my time.

Chica will not be going for her last round of heart worm treatment and she will NEVER go to this Vet again. Heart worm treatment is a horrible thing to put them through, especially a senior dog. I will be putting her on heartguard and buying a boot for her paw and she will live happily ever after snoozing her days away in my lap. Sorry for the long comment but I'm sorta pissed off.
Well... Of course you are. You love your dog and it must be very frustrating and painful to see her unable to use her leg.
I'd be very upset too.
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