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ESS can be sort of squirrelly, sometimes. Our springer, Priscilla, was so jealous of hubby that, for a while, if he went to bed before me, she'd wait at the bedroom door and growl at me so she wouldn't have to share him. I started bringing treats with me to distract her, and eventually she decided I was worthy of sharing the bed with her human. Otherwise, where hubby wasn't concerned, she had a heart of gold. So I can well imagine that your Whisper was jealous of your attention! Priscilla was smart as a whip, too--another thing she and Whisper had in common. Sometimes I think they're too smart for their own good!

I hope JD and the puppy hit it off, though. I think JD will love her. I just hope he behaves himself enough not to put put her off. Maybe what I should do, is make sure puppy has a hiding place in the common area for when the cat gets overwhelming.
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